Joining Huddersfield Star Wheelers

Being a member of Huddersfield Star Wheelers gives you access to a wide range of club rides, coaching sessions for both youth members and adults on rollers or a track, support from a network of members, an environment in which you can develop your skills and ultimately race with the support of a club that is affiliated with British Cycling.

Huddersfield Star Wheelers have teamed up with Member Mojo so you can now join online and pay using their portal and get automated reminders to renew your membership.

Huddersfield Star Wheelers have three subscription options: Adult @ £13, Family @ £21 (two parents or carers and any number of children under 18), and Junior @ £7 (under 18).

Member Mojo

Joining British Cycling

Remember if you still want to race, get third party insurance or receive the many benefits of being a British Cycling member, you can become either a Ride, Silver or Gold member by clicking the British Cycling logo below.

British Cycling Club Portal

Contact our Membership Secretary:

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Huddersfield Star Wheelers member or have a problem with your membership contact our membership secretary, James Dawson.