Huddersfield Star Wheelers Women’s Hill Climb Returns: Tuesday 19th June 2018

A Welcome Return!

Following the huge success of our inaugural Women’s Hill Climb,  Huddersfield Star Wheelers are proud to present the return of the Alison Whitely trophy event. We had 60 fantastic riders turn up to take on the hill last year and this time we will be able to accommodate up to 100 riders. Pictured above, is Helen Roby of HDR, on her way to winning last year’s event.

The Climb!

The hill climb sets off just outside the Cricket Club and Golf Club on Mount Road and climbs for just under 1 mile to the top of Mount Road. The event is open to all women cyclists aged 12 and over and the only person you’re racing is yourself so turn up and give it a go. You have nothing to lose and there will be cake at the end! Riders under 18 years of age MUST wear a helmet.

Where, When and What to Expect?

The event will be hosted again at the Marsden Cricket Club, Mount Road, Marsden HD7 6NN, with the first rider setting off at 7:00pm.  We would like to encourage riders and supporters to turn out in the same huge numbers of last year, bring cake, make plenty of noise and take on the hill and win some fantastic prizes.


Entries on the Night Only

Entry is a mere £4 and will only be on the night! Please let us know if you want to enter, come along and support, marshal or just make a lot of noise at our Facebook Event Page here: Please leave a comment on the page if you rode last year and what your target is for this year.

Watch Last Year’s Event Round Up: